Homophobia in India

Today I could find a great video on YouTube.com about homophobia in India. Last year the High Court of India voted for section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. A section which judges homosexuality as something against nature and as illegal. After the implementation of that new law many people – homosexual or not – took to the streets to protest. But nothing changed substainably. There are still many old-fashioned Indians who see heterosexuality as the only “right” sexual orientation. That’s the reason why just a small minority of people has a coming-out. Most homosexuals still try to hide their sexuality and have a heterosexual marriage – for maintaining their families’ social prestige. I have met once a gay Indian. Statistically every eleventh man and every eighteenth woman is homosexual. If this kind of ‘unnatural thing’ happens so often, how can you call it unnatural? But watch it on your own.

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