An Anthem To “Goodbye”

I have had many “goodbyes” in my life – at school, in my university, at the train station and on the airport. And all happened in the same way. You hug each other, give some wishes to take along and expect to hear from each other again as soon as possible. These are those moments where you shouldn’t make any promise. Because most of them you can’t keep anyway. Especially when money is tight and the distance far. I’m no big fan of “goodbye”. Because you never know what future will bring. Or whether the plane which you will take will land at all – if you want to paint it black. Perhaps in the moment in which you say goodbye you have already left behind all the best things in your life. And the most precious moments are depleted.

Goodbye1I know exactly this awkward feeling. Although I am not afraid of flying – and a crash would be my smallest worry – but I don’t like leaving behind something. Especially not those people who are near and dear to me. A “goodbye” or “see you soon” seems to be something definitive – despite the literal meaning. I also told my new friends in India that we will see each other again. As soon as possible and then everything will be as it used to be. But I have hardly met one of them again. And somehow we moved on from that time. Although it is only two years ago. Even after my stay in Brazil I had to leave behind so many things.

Goodbye3I am always scared that I will also lose all my memories when I have to leave a country or a person. And somewhere that is true. Nothing remains forever in your memory. In some cases, that is good, in others it isn’t. And therefore I don’t care much about those “goodbyes”. Because it can be an end or a new beginning, a step forward or back. You never know in advance. That is the reason why you will never see me crying on the airport or particularly sentimental. I just take things as they come – every “Auf Wiedersehen”(“Goodbye”) and every real Wiedersehen (reunion) – like it is meant in German.

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