Thoughts Of The Day

The sky is gray, clouded.
Another day in this dreary life.
Running from one place to another every minute.
And now silnece, a few minutes to breathe.

It is still loud, caustic and fetid – somehow.
The day seems to run past me.
I just participate. Stress takes in me.
It is like so many times in my life.

The boiling heat is encasing me.
Noise is buzzing in my ears.
It is making me jump.
Time to go. The tram is coming.

Yes, don’t fritter away time.
It is too valuable, they say.
I am floating run with the current.
And the tram is trapping me.

Pale faces are staring at me.
Sweat is trickling from their foreheads.
An old woman is gasping in pain.
A man is drinking his beer.

I am just sitting there,
a silent observer.
And my thoughts are lost.
Everything is blurred.

Suddenly a loud bang, flash light.
Sun is blinding me.
I had fallen asleep.
A brown pair of eyes is watching me.

“Final stop”: A female voice is saying.
I am grabbing my stuff.
A last quick look. Everything is by my side.
I getting off, going back into all the chaos.

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